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Known by some as the land of a thousand lakes and by others as the land of the midnight sun, Finland definitely stands out as one of the most unique European countries There are lots of interesting facts about Finland in general. For example, Finland was the last region to convert to Christianity in Europe. Also, the country happens to have the most sparse population in the whole of the European Union with a shocking 16 people per square kilometer. Finland also has some of the warmest people in the world. It is no wonder then, that Finnish women are so popular. If you are seeking to date a Finnish woman, here are some tips on some things to talk about while with a Finnish lady; things that will definitely get her warming up to you.

1.Hail the strength of a woman

Finland has a generally level of gender equality. Evidence of this is seen in the sheer numbers of women that hold leadership positions not only in politics but also in other fields such as education and religion. Even the current president is a woman. Male chauvinism is one of the most unwelcome habits in Finland. With this in mind, talking to a Finnish lady about gender equality and reminding her of her achievements and importance as a lady is important. This will help her realize that you, as a man respect her and adore her womanly strengths. Go ahead, hail the strength of the Finnish lady.

2. Sports

One of the things that the Finns are very proud of is their success in sports and particularly in athletics and the world rally championships. According to statistics, Finland had by 2012 collected a total of 302 summer Olympic medals. Out of these, 101 were gold medals. The record is even better when it comes to winter Olympics. As for the world rally championships, Finland has won 14 titles making it the undisputed leader. Women athletes such as Kiira Korpi, Laura Lepisto and Hanna-Maria Seppala have helped to reinforce Finland’s position of leadership in athletics. Talking about these sports achievements and sport personalities is sure to get you on the right side of a Finnish Man.

3. Saunas

It is estimated that there are over 2 million saunas in Finland. According to popular saying,learning how to bathe in a sauna is as natural as learning to speak. Saunas are embedded in the Finnish culture. In Finland everyone believes that there are different ways to bathe in a sauna; something that forms a base for interesting conversations on the different ways of using saunas. When invited to join a sauna bathe session as a visitor, be sure to make comments about the sauna.

4.Its all About the Summer!

Another thing to talk about with Finnish women is the summer. So important is the summer, that all operations in the country literally come to a stand still for 5 to 6 weeks after Midsummer. This period is set aside for vacationing with family in the countryside and enjoying the suns rays and warmth. This is of course accompanied by lots of fun activities such as summer games. It would therefore be easier to get to a Finnish lady’s heart by recapping the summer experiences with her. Give her a sunny conversation and warm her heart.

5. Contemporary Culture and Talent

The Finns love moving with the times. Singers such as Karita Mattila, Isac Elliot, Benjamin and Tarja Turunen are household names in Finland. Everyone appreciates talent and people love talking about the talents and achievements of Finnish personalities. Blame this on their strong sense of identity. Impress her with some Finnish contemporary music or your knowledge of Finnish contemporary and you are bound to know her for a little bit longer.

6. American Culture

Yet another thing to talk about when with a Finnish lady is American culture. For one reason or the other, American culture intrigues the Finns. Enlighten her about American movies, American music and American celebrities such as Justin Bieber. Impress her with some knowledge of American culture and you will not regret it.

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Finland Buying Guides


  • Real Estate. Buying a house in Finland like every other place in the world is not an easy task: You have to take into account the location, how far is it
    from work and public transportation system. For a real life guide with classifieds visit this expat-finland
  • Work shoes are part of official dress standard in Finland and are critical in terms of workplace security.Today, finish corporations choose carefully work boots for workers to ensure their safety as well as ensuring a high convenience which will facilitate their work if employees are required to withstand many hours on your feet.  Visit here for a work boots guide.
  • Because of the long winter in Finland, in which  some northern places can have up to 6 month without no light, the Tinnitus phenomena is much more common than in other places in the world. Studies suggest that the number of people suffering from tinnitus is three times higher than in any other point in the world.
  • Prepare for traveling. No doubt that Finland  is on of the most beautiful countries in the world, and has an amazing variety of awesome places to visit. But you have to be prepared for the harsh conditions, and the cold.
    Buy food that is appropriate for the long winters, so you wont be suffering from constipation or diarrhea.
  • Hair loss is mostly an aesthetic problem where the drop rate exceeds the rate of hair growth, imposing no real health risk, but the emotional impact may be considerable.Because of the col weather, In some area of Finland – 25% of men under 25 visible signs of hair loss, compared with 75% in men over the age – 60, Among women there is a lot of weight very hormonal changes that affect hair loss / thinning hair and the dropout rate is accelerated after menopause. For that reason rogaine and minoxidil has become very popular in the noethern countries.
  • Asthma, skin also known as atopic dermatitis is a common chronic skin disease, that affects a high percentage of the Finish population. Asthma, skin is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks itself and is characterized by first causing dry skin.
    Other symptoms that characterize asthma, skin except dry skin that characterizes lesions on the skin, are: itching skin, atopic dermatitis, hair loss, localized redness, peeling, cracks in the skin, swelling, formation of blisters. This type of eruption accompanied by irritation, swelling, redness and blistering of the skin is called eczema.  in this guide you will find how you can cure skin pimples or bumps fast and naturally.


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Is alexandrias genesis real?


There has been a lot of controversy on whether Alexandrias genesis is real. It seems as if this condition exist because of an urban tale as no one with this condition seems to be present today as far as the scientific community is concerned. It also seems as if this disorder is present or it may have been present in the past, causing more speculation. Does Alexandarias Genesis exist or is it just a legend? What is the story behind this disorder?

What Is Alexandrias Genesis? Alexandrias genesis commonly referred to as violet eyes is a genetic mutation that makes the eyes to turn blue or gray to purple for the next 6 months after birth. During puberty the color is said to go deeper and forms a royal or violet blue purple and maintains this dark purple, but will not affects a person’s vision. People with this disorder are believed to never to grow facial, body and pubic hair not including the hair that is on their head, eyelashes, ears, and noses. Some also claim that women with this disorder are fertile but do not get their periods. More sources state that this mutation can result in a number of symptoms such as shimmering, white skin that is immune to tanning or burning. People say that that people suffering from this condition can live up to 130-150 years with aging coming to stand still at around 50, they do not gain weight and maintain a good figure regardless how much they eat, they rarely digest and are immune to most infections so they rarely fall ill. This condition is said to mostly occur in Caucasian more often but interracial children may go through this mutation if they receive it from multiple genes. Is Alexandria’s Genesis Fiction or Fact Is Alexandria’s Genesis Real?

Most claim that this condition is the only way to get purple eyes. Some state that Elizabeth Taylor has this condition, but this is often refuted by saying that her eyes and people with eyes like hers are actually violet and seem to appear purple. Also, it is known that alexandria’s gensis is the best cure for tonsil stones, and other illnesses.

Claims that some individuals have this condition have been present since way back, there are mutations that may result in children experiencing very short life spans, where they age very fast, so it is possible that there is a disorder that would make the opposite to take place. There are also a number of races that are popular for having high functioning immune systems, so it is probably possible that some may have a mutation that assists to minimize how often they get sick. It is not logical imagine someone with high metabolism that does not add weight easily or has above average vision.

Not Enough Scientific Proof

It could be true that a gene variation exists that can make people to have purple eyes, lighter skin and makes people remain healthy such that they live longer, but there is not much proof that this condition is present today.

The traits of Alexandrias genesis seem too widespread to be part of just one gene, which implies that they could have to come from a number of unrelated genes.

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